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    It's no secret that moving can be a stressful task, and our specialists are here to help you with managing your relocation stress. You can count on our movers to guide you through the process, door to door.

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    Moving tips

    Packing rugs when moving

    Needless to say, low-cost smaller area rugs are easier to pack and move than large area rugs that are both super expensive and super large, to begin with.

    Luckily, you’ll only need three things to pack a rug for a move: 1) large pieces of durable brown or Kraft paper, 2) two pieces of string, twine or rope per rug, and 3) packing tape.
    Step 1. Clean the rug.Step 2.Determine the direction of the nap.Step 3. Turn the rug upside down.Step 4. Roll it up.Step 5. Tie it up.Step 6. Wrap it up.then tape it up, and you’re done.movingtip.com

    Moving costs.5 Main factors.

    1.Time:The biggest cost factors for furniture moving services.The total time taken equals to the final cost.
    2.Stairs/elevator:It costs less energy,time and number of movers moving by elevator.
    3.Number of movers:The maximum number of movers equals to the minimum cost.
    4.Distance:The average quote/cost of a distance is culculated by weight devided by truck size times distance.
    5.Truck:The nature of your furniture is what will determine the size,number and the price of moving your goods.

    Moving People with disability

    Moving and lifting people safely.If you are caring for someone, you may need to help them move around.You better also learn how to do it properly.
    The most common injuries that carers experience are to their back, neck and shoulders. These often occur due to overuse, when you make the same lifting or pulling motions over and over again.
    Occasional injuries occur when helping the person to get out of bed, go to the toilet, have a bath or shower, walk, get in or out of a car, or get up after a fall.
    To minimise the chance of injury, it is important that you look after yourself, including keeping healthy,active and pro.

    Moving with your pet.Checklists.

    Your pet is probably the most precious piece of cargo you will be taking on your cross-country relocation. You can move pets by car,train or plane,or specialized pet moving company.
    But why not move it yourself..?Checklist.
    1.Stop at the vet:Update all your pet's vaccinations.2.Food supply:Pack enough of your pet's favourite.3.Pet First Aid kit:Healthcare on the go.4.Nametag, chip & leash.
    5.Map out your trip:Your pet will need a break every 3-4 hours.6.Practice your pet.
    7.Pets policy acts:Different citties,countries,different policies.Check this out.

    Moving insurance tips.

    Do you need to buy extra insurance policy cover for your goods in transit,store,werehouse.
    Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company to move your goods,consider property transit insurance cover for your goods during the move.
    However,most people don't realize that homeowner, renter and condo insurance may provide you with some insurance protection during and right after your move.
    If you have home insurance or renters,you may already have some protection for your personal items during the move. There is a clause in your homeowner policy that covers your items while in transit, or in temporary storage, however, these clauses are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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