Main packing errors.

Packing up your moving boxes is the part of your move that requires the most foresight and action. And if you fail to avoid some of the most common packing mistakes, chances are you’ll end up making your move a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

Before we dig in to what packing mistakes you need to avoid (and more importantly, how to avoid them) remember this,nobody is perfect when it comes to moving. Errors are bound to happen no matter how much you try to prevent.

1.Failier to plan ahead
Packing is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. The more of a plan you have going into it, the better set up for success you’ll be. Unfortunately, too often people just dive right in without having any real idea of how they’re going to get every single belonging they own packed safely and efficiently. The result? Wasted time, wasted energy, and a packing process that is way more difficult than it needs to be.

2.Insufficient personal time.

The greatest packing mistakes, because even if you avoid all the other 5 mistakes, if you don’t give yourself enough time to pack you’re inevitably going to end up stressed and overwhelmed. (Not to mention the fact that having a lack of time to pack is also the precursor to many of the packing mistakes mentioned in this article.) The less time you have to pack, the more of a headache the whole process is going to be, so you’ll definitely want to do your best to time everything out correctly.

3.Lack of enough supplies
This happened to me: you’re on a packing roll, exemplifying productivity as you fill box after box, until suddenly and unexpectedly, whoops—you’re out of supplies. Running out of supplies means having to take a break to run to the store for additional items, which takes away precious time from what you should be doing and makes it more difficult to get back into the right headspace when you finally return to the task.

4.Wanting everything.
Packing stuff that you no longer want or need is a big waste of time, energy, and supplies. In addition to making packing more difficult than it needs to be, failing to get rid of stuff also makes unpacking more difficult. There’s a lot that needs to get done when you’re moving and it’s easy to justify skipping the organizational step of sorting out the things that don’t need to come with you, but it’s a necessary task and one that is always worth it in the long run.

5.Poor packaging.
What’s the use in packing up items if they’re just going to be broken by the time you get to your new place? Not having enough time or enough supplies leads a lot of people to slack when it comes to securing items in boxes, as does simply being a bit lazy about the packing process. But just throwing everything in a box and hoping for the best is high up there when it comes to packing mistakes, and doesn’t usually end up saving a lot of trouble

6.Stop perfection
Since you are great in your career,it makes sense that you want  the same mindset to packing. However, trying to pack perfectly is a waste of time and a major source of moving-related stress. Nobody is judging you on how Tetris-like your boxes are packed or how meticulous your labels are. Obviously you want to make sure things are packed in a way that’s both functional and safe, but there’s nothing to gain from getting bogged down in the details.More