Benefits of professional movers

Even if you or members of your family are strong enough to move your furniture, professional movers can be a good investment. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional furniture moving company:

  • You can prevent injuries: Moving furniture is heavy business. Even if you can heft your wood bookshelf across the room, it’s easy to pull a muscle or pinch a nerve if you aren’t careful to use the proper techniques for lifting and carrying. Pro furniture movers do this for a living and know how to do the heavy lifting without injury.
  • Your furniture will be protected: Many moving companies have insurance that covers any accidental damage to your furniture during moving. Can you say the same if you move stuff yourself? If you have nice furniture that you don’t want scratched, dinged, dented or broken, turning the task over to the pros can keep it protected.
  • Movers have moving equipment: Dollies, straps, blankets, protective wrapping — professional furniture movers come to your house with everything they will need to safely move your furniture around your home or into a truck. Their preparation can save you from having to invest in heavy furniture moving equipment. And if you plan to move heavy furniture without the proper equipment, you could end up damaging the furniture, your home or your body.
  • Your home will be protected: No one plans to drop their solid wood bed frame and crack their ceramic floor tiles when moving it from one room to another, but if you do it yourself, no one else will pay for the repairs. If you hire pro furniture movers, they will help ensure that your walls don’t get dented, your paint doesn’t get scratched, and your things are kept in good condition. Confirm that your movers have the appropriate insurance in place.