New movers’s mistakes.

First time movers.Checklist.
It is very easy to overlook some very critical areas.But we learn everyday.If you’re  preparing your moving list,Check this out,easy-to-miss steps.

1.Avoid last minute move.
Am very good in getting,shopping and packing,never to see it again,till when am moving staff around the house.

2.The legitimacy of the moving company.
Whatever you do, do not overlook moving company reviews when making your checklist for moving into a house. Before hiring a moving company,be sure to do your homework and choose a mover that will add value to your money.

3.Your move date
Want a less expensive move? Choose a mid-week, mid-month moving date when hiring professional movers or renting a moving truck.Also, avoid peak moving season when rates are typically higher. Instead, aim for a move between the months of October and April when demand is lowest.

4.The measurements of the new home.
We had to sell our new washing machine,for a fitting one due to the kitchen size.Before moving into a new house, don’t forget to take a look at the blueprint of your new home.Measure all interior spaces, as well as your own furniture. This way, you’ll know exactly what belongings will fit where in your new home.You’ll also be able to better direct your movers where to place all your furnishings.

5.Labeling all boxes
If you’re packing your belongings without labeling the boxes, you’re making a huge mistake.Lebel  fragile items to avoid  damage while in route.Lebel items according to their corresponding rooms, such as “kitchen,” “bathroom,Bedroom.

6.Your pet’s needs
Moving with a pet? Do not overlook your furbaby’s needs. Be sure to pack a box of pet essentials,include pet food, toys, bones, kitty litter, etc.