Moving abroad,Facts overlooked.

Relocating abroad can be an overwhelming experience. Filling out visa paperwork, finding the perfect apartment and scheduling the right movers make it all the more challenging. In addition to these concerns – packing, language barriers, transportation, storage and furnishings are all top of mind as well. But by choosing the right moving company, real estate professionals and local consultants, you can ensure that your international move will work out.

Packing for a move abroad

Packing for a move abroad requires more thought than the usual box-everything-up protocol. Before packing your stuff, you’ll need to keep things like electronics, appliances, medications and important documents at the forefront of your mind.

Language and cross-cultural skills training

If you’re moving to a place where you’re unfamiliar with the language, I strongly recommend beginning language training before the big move, so that you can more easily connect with locals during the first few months. Learning the language and its nuances will teach you a million times more about a country’s culture and its people than reading a simple travel book ever could


Navigating a new country isn’t something you’ll likely master overnight. That’s why I don’t recommend waiting until you arrive in your new home to figure out how you’re going to get from point A to point B – especially if you’re going to have to deal with a language barrier as well. It’s important to read up on both common transportation methods and important landmarks in your new city, so that you don’t end up lost or stranded. I strongly suggest researching your new town’s public transportation to find out about the area’s subway system, bus routes, bike rental amenities and ridesharing services, such as taxis or Uber

Renting furniture abroad

Let’s face it – when you move across the world, things won’t always go as planned. Furniture arrives late, things get lost and sometimes, that couch just won’t fit through the tiny, old door. It’s also difficult to perfectly coordinate the delivery of your belongings with your own arrival. For these reasons, you may need to rent furniture temporarily while you shop for new furnishings or wait patiently for the movers to arrive. When looking at homes, I recommend searching pre-furnished apartments and houses – as this will save you the hassle and costs of shipping furniture overseas

Storing your belongings

If you’ve decided to rent furniture or buy new furniture when you arrive, you’ll have to figure out what to do with all of your things before the move. If you’re moving abroad for the long-term, I suggest selling or donating as much as you can beforehand. But if your move is more of a short-term situation, a seasonal deal (as many moves are) or if you’re planning to move back eventually, I strongly recommend storing your items for future use