Auto transport

We move both mechanically disabled and abled auto,Domestic and international,Any distance,To the yard,Service or Home

There are several advantages to using a professional auto transport company for moving/shipping a vehicle. It would not only make the move a lot easier on you and your family but will also take the load off your shoulders,Kelgon movers blog info,

  • Convenience : Dealing with the burden of moving your home and your car at the same time can be a frustrating and daunting task, and it’s hard to balance both at the same time. So, let the professional auto movers handle the moving/shipping of your car for you. Once you book the service,we will take care of your car from beginning to end.We will be responsible right from picking it up from your location and loading it onto a trailer to dropping it off at your destination.
  • Safety : Using car movers to move your vehicle is the safest option. Many people prefer to move their vehicle using professional auto transport companies because it saves your vehicle from breakdowns, accidents and the harsh natural conditions of the road.
  • Wear and tear : When you are making a long distance move, the amount of driving that you would subject your vehicle to (should you choose to drive it yourself) would add significantly to the total mileage to your vehicle. If your car is older with a lot of mileage already on it, why would you want to add more and risk doing damage to the car en route to your new home? Driving your car long distance will reduce the value of the vehicle by putting more wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Insurance : The reputed and reliable shipping companies offer auto transport insurance for the vehicle shipped by them. If there is any damage during transit,we will pay for the loss. Hence, you have the guarantee that your car will be safe during the shipping. It’s important to note that the company will only pay for the damage done during the shipping so make sure that you are present there while they inspect your vehicle before the shipping.
  • Cost : Most people think that the cost of shipping/moving a car is high, but the costs incurred from gas and lodging will likely surpass the amount that you pay to the professional car mover. When you move your vehicle with professionals, you are paying an all-in-one inclusive price fee, rather than multiple costs spread out over the course of the trip like you would be faced with if you moved it yourself.
  • Time saving : Movinga car via an auto transport company saves way more time than driving it by yourself, especially in case of a long-distance move. You can fly to your new place without having to make changes in your schedule and having to drive all the way to the destination which is often tiring. The only thing that you have to worry about is taking delivery of the car when it arrives at your new place.