Foreign Auto registration

If you are moving to Hungary from another EU country or continent with your car,

specific conditions apply to car registration depending on the length of your stay.


-Auto naturalization:

Foreign residents in Hungary can use their car for up to six months, after which registration is obligatory.

Mandatory to have tax number (Adószám) and an Address Card.

-Vehicle inspection: 

Vehicles from outside of the country need to pass inspection test for safety and road worthiness.

2021 Euro 4 and the car must have a catalytic converter.

-Technical evaluation test:

Roadworthy  mechanical test is mandatory  in every 2 years in Hungary.

-Registration and vehicle tax:

Registration tax caculation.Age,Engine size,Fuel type

-Custom clearance:

Exit report or derestration procedure initiation

-Duties,VAT  and TAX clearance:

Mandatory for Non EU imported cars,though some get tax free


Mandartory,third party or comprehensive

-Documents and translation:

Original car papers,ID card or passport,Address card,Custom ‘s clearance certificate

-Local goverment municipality administration and clearance:

Car registration,payments for number plate and registration papers.

-New number plate and logbook:

Number plates and registration papers are issued on the spot,Registration card is posted to your address later